Friday, December 2, 2011

Germany's Johan (Joe) Werner is a Fraud

I usually try to keep my tweets and blog posts positive but in the interest of protecting the unsuspecting buying public from getting ripped off, it is my duty to inform you that Germany's Johan Werner (known as Joe) is selling counterfeit hot rod branded goods and has infected his products with a bad stink that is contagious and once you come into contact with these fakes it doesn't go away.

Joe Werner also sells his counterfeit ripoffs from his website He calls himself Factory 68 Speed Shop which means he's stolen from at least 68 artists and is in business to make a speedy euro.

Johan (Joe) Werner is at the Essen Motor Show in Germany this week with a showcase full of BOMONSTER stickers which he stole off this very website and made into low resolution, crummy quality stickers for sale without permission. Do not buy from this Joe Werner Factory 68 display case.

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