Wednesday, April 18, 2012

!!! NO SUPPORT !!!

sorry, but no support for shows like this


  1. Why no support?
    I see this show is new and I also saw my name on a list with really good pinstripers ?
    Which i didn`t confirmed by the way, still don`t know how my name got there.
    So maybe you can tell me more about this show?

  2. I could tell, but then again i won't! Needles to say I won't be attending "the 1st european hot rod show" either (I thought there where plenty of other shows before this one, my bad!!!!).

  3. 40 bucks entree fee PER PERSON + 10 or so bucks handling fee ,so make it 50 PP ,then add alot of gass money for people comin from all over europe (not the biggest problem ,but it add's up) and then the price of a booth etc etc..
    don't forget the false advertising..
    first european show??
    people on a list that don't even know about it?
    a real shame..