Sunday, February 3, 2013

today // first ride in 2013 with the plymouth

today i had the first ride out with the plymouth in 2013. was my first longer trip with that car. engine is running strong - only brakes and steering need some love. Here are some pics...


  1. Vintage cars are very unique and the body of the car is really solid. It is nice seeing vintage cars on the street, they make me smile and I stare at them until I lose sight of them. What's the model of this car, if I may ask?

  2. Pretty neat! A Plymouth like this needs some extra love, Jacek! I wonder how old this car is. It’s still looking great, just pay attention to maintenance. A vintage car’s engine shouldn’t be doubted, but the body of it is sensitive. Try your best to make it look good as new. :)

    Mickey Doshi